Björk Post

Björk Post

The 1995 release of Björk’s album “Post” brought us a unique mix of electronic, alt rock, and dance music. It was a slight departure from her previous work, which felt more focused on folk and alternative rock. My entry into her music was through her earlier band The Sugarcubes who had a nice run on the alternative music charts back in 1988 with their album Life Is Good, but eventually broke up after six years.

“Post” features a mix of upbeat, danceable tracks and more introspective, experimental songs. The lead single, “Army of Me,” has a powerful driving beat and catchy chorus. It probably is the best first track/lead single on any of her albums. It blends electronic and organic sounds and features a wide range of instrumentation, including programmed beats, synths, live drums, and a sampled string sound. Notable tracks on this album include “Hyperballad”, that ultimately builds up into a dance club beat, and the track “I Miss You,” a melancholic ballad featuring electronic beats, string arrangements, and a driving bass drum.

Overall, “Post” was highly regarded and received positive reviews upon its release, and helped to solidify Björk’s place in the music world. Critics praised its innovative blend of musical genres, the use of unconventional sounds, and of course, Björk’s distinctive vocals which are unmistakable. The album was a commercial success, reaching the top 10 on the charts in several countries and going on to become one of Björk’s best-selling releases. It remains a fan favorite and has been included on numerous “best albums” lists of the 1990s.

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