booze and vinyl

Booze and Vinyl

Booze and Vinyl is a picture book that blends the love of vinyl records and music with craft cocktail recipes. It’s divided into chapters based on musical genres such as Rock, Motown, and Soul and features a popular album with a brief history of the artist and their music. The author’s then follow it up by creating a recommended cocktail to complement the mood and tone of the album.

Are you a fan of the Beastie Boys? Then maybe a “Brass Monkey” would be up your alley. It’s made with rum, orange juice, and Galliano. Or maybe you dig some old school blues rock from the likes of the Rolling Stones. I know you’d wanna order yourself “The Brown Sugar”, a drink made from bourbon, apple brandy, maple syrup, and lemon juice. The cocktail recipes are easy to follow and use accessible ingredients, making it easy to create a perfect drink to enjoy while you spin that vinyl.

Overall, Booze and Vinyl is an fun read that will appeal to music lovers and cocktail enthusiasts alike. The book offers a unique and fun way to discover music and drinks, and is sure to become a staple on the bookshelves of anyone who appreciates the art of both.

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