Chet by Chet Baker

Chet by Chet Baker

Jason Landry, contributor

Today I was gifted an album by fellow audiophile and Soundwaves partner Jason Boucher. The album: Chet by legendary trumpeter Chet Baker is entirely instrumental. All of the tracks on this album are set as ballads and put you right in the mood.

I feel as if I’m sitting in a swanky hotel lounge sipping on an old fashioned listening to the band play. But you need to image the setting is more like the period of “Mad Men”—everyone is dressed in suits, smoke is in the air, and in walks the most beautiful girl in the world.

Take for instance the first track, Alone Together—it sets the mood like a slow dance that ebbs and flows between Chet’s trumpet and the baritone sax of Pepper Adams. Other noted players accompanying Chet on this album includes Pianist Bill Evans and my favorite jazz guitar player, Kenny Burrell.

Overall, Chet is a stunning album from start to finish and an essential album for any jazz fan. Baker’s ability to convey deep emotions through his playing is unparalleled, and this album is a perfect showcase of his artistry. And just imagine: it was recorded over sixty years ago!