Destroyer's Den Bejar

Destroyer Shares New Song

By Jay Boucher

A brand new single is out from Dan Bejar and  Destroyer. It’s called, “Somnambulist Blues,” and features fellow Canadian Sandro Perri. Ethereal and imaginative, this new song also turns up the reverb and many lines are echoed throughout.

Bejar explains the partnership with Perri:

“I notice I come back to Sandro’s music as something to sing to in crossroads moments of my life in music. ‘Everybody’s Paris, pt. III’ was definitely one of those before-and-afters. I think “Somnambulist Blues” (or “Peter Greenaway,” or “Madness In Heaven” I rifled through these three titles but landed on the first) is another one. Hard to say at this point. There is something about the landscape Sandro lays out – it’s a world in which things become imminently singable. A lotta room to roam, and all of it good. Somehow I always find the pulse, even in a Hammond/ocarina drone.”


“Somnambulist Blues” is available on Bandcamp via Looking Glass, which focuses on the human condition as reflected through chance and destined encounters. Destroyer is also featured on both the Rye2K and Music Re:port shows. 


Watch the video below.