Eric Hilton's new Present Past and Future EP
Eric Hilton's Something For Byrd feat. Brian Jackson

Eric Hilton - Present Past and Future

By Jason Boucher

Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation just released Present Past and Future, a 6-track EP on Montserrat House, a Washington, D.C. based label, recording studio, performance space, and gallery that he operates with Rob Garza, his Thievery Corporation partner. The EP is six solid tracks of downtempo, jazz influenced instrumental tunes featuring Brian Jackson on keyboards and Brain Falfowski on saxophone / flute.


This new EP is the follow-up to “Lost Dialect,” Hilton’s trip-hop album released about six months ago. Hilton is one of the best electronic, downtempo, and dub producers around. Hilton and Thievery Corporation are both a part of Port:Authority, heard right here on soundwaves. Don’t sleep on this release.


Jackson sits in on ‘Something For Byrd,’ a song dedicated to Donald Byrd, if I had to make a guess. The artwork also suggests this is the case, as it is very reminiscent of Byrd’s Fancy Free LP from 1969 with Duke Pearson on electric piano. 


Give it a listen below…