Fontaines DC - Boston

Fontaines DC, Live in Boston

They describe themselves as an Irish post-punk band. I just consider them a great rock outfit with an amped lead singer and a lot of energy. Fontaines DC was formed in Dublin, Ireland in early 2017 and one of their first singles was a 45 rpm 7″ on Trigger Party Records. I found it at Rough Trade West in London in the summer of 2018 and just form the description I decided to buy it. I’m glad I did! What a nice, raw sound with well-written lyrics. Reminds me of The Clash, The Fall, and The Pogues all together on stage.


Fast forward a little over four years and three studio albums later, I finally got to see them perform live in Boston at the House of Blues. They did not disappoint, although the show was only an hour, which seemed a little short but perhaps they were tired, as it was the last stop on their make-up tour (due to COVID). 


If you ever get a chance, go see them live–you won’t regret it! (Next chance: Opening for Arctic Monkeys at TD Boston Garden in September 2023)


Official video for ‘Sha Sha Sha’ off their latest LOP, ‘Skinty Fia’ is posted below: