Jimmy James, The True Loves

Jimmy James of The True Loves

We are happy to have Jimmy James of The True Loves this month on the Guest Playlist Series here on soundwaves. Check out these tracks that he has curated for you that have inspired his career.

We first caught wind of Jimmy James as the energetic guitar player in the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio. After leaving the band a month ago to focus on The Trues Loves, we are pumped to see where this new direction takes him.

(from The True Loves website)
Listening to the abundant sounds of the Seattle-based funk & soul group, True Loves, is like walking down a favorite neighborhood street, slapping five with friends, checking up with clerks in their stores, admiring your dark sun-glassed face in their windows, ducking under flowerpots and smelling the familiar smells of your most cherished locale. The band is its own block party. 

Check out their most recent album Famous Last Words out on Color Red.

And if you’re out on the West Coast, check them out On Tour this spring.