Kate Redgate

Kate Redgate

We’re proud to have Kate Redgate as part of our Guest Playlist Series here on soundwaves. Check out these tracks she has curated for your listening enjoyment. 

As we approach the dawn of a new year there’s some great local music news to share. A brand new album from Kate Redgate will arrive in late winter / early spring and it’s titled “Light Under The Door.” The album is produced by Jon Nolan and the first single will be available in February 2023.


We asked Kate about her new album and what makes this release her best effort to date.


“My new record was recorded old school—live in the studio with no headphones – all of us creating music together, in real time: this record has a heartbeat musically that matches authenticity of the songs,” Redgate said.


She continues, “I would put this vibe somewhere in the camp of Drag the River meets early Kathleen Edwards. As much as I loathe comparison statements they’re helpful sometimes for people.”


Redgate says the album is less twang, more rock – but ultimately its all about the songs. The album features Jon Nolan on guitar, Mark Paquin on bass, and Rick Habib on drums with a special appearance by Jim Gambino (Swinging Steaks) on organ.


Redgate told us the new album feels like a debut that’s been 25 years in the making. After some life changing events, including the COVID pandemic, she’s never been more excited to share her new songs and she can’t wait to play them live. Plans are in the works for a special Seacoast New Hampshire release show at The Music Hall Lounge. No dates are available just yet, but look for an announcement around the new year. In addition, Redgate will be be touring various locations around the US with a handful of regional and local shows added as well.


Dates to be announced soon.