Los Bitchos

Los Bitchos Let The Festivities Begin!

The party started off with a bang early in 2022 when Los Bitchos dropped their debut album Let the Festivities Begin! (City Slang). The four-piece band, who stem from various locales around the globe have merged their cultural influences to their liking. The result––eleven instrumental tracks that have the flair of exotic middle eastern music combined with what they refer to as cumbia, a musical style predominately popular in Latin America.

It’s hard to pinpoint the actual origin of their music besides the fact that it’s pure energy and you feel like you want to let loose. Picture being outdoors at a cultural festival as revelers are enjoying themselves with food, drink and dance and then add in the addition that your favorite jam band is playing.

Each song on the album is upbeat and you can’t help but feel happy when listening to it. The first track “The Link Is About To Die” has a bouncy surf-rock riff and coupled with an effect applied to the guitar makes it sound like a funky electric sitar—a familiar tone that reverberates throughout this album.

If instrumental music is your kink, and you gravitate toward artists like Khruangbin or Arc de Soleil, then make sure to add Los Bitchos into that mix. It’s worth the trip.

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