Meltt - Eternal Embers

Meltt - Eternal Embers

By Andrew Ross (Host of Spin This!)


Back on September 22nd Vancouver, British Columbia based band Meltt released their second full length LP Eternal Embers via Nettwerk Music Group. The alterna-psych band is made up of Ian Winkler (bass, keys, guitar), James Porter (guitar, bass, keys, vocals), Chris Smith (lead vocals, guitar, bass, keys), and Jamie Turner (drums, percussion)


Eternal Embers is sonically fuzzed out, full of hypnotic synthesizers, splash sounds and ethereal soundscapes. The album moves right along with its pulsating drums, melodic punchy guitar work and lead singer Chris Smith’s airy, watery vocals. As a listener, you are transported through what feels like a journey of life, longing, and death. The album gives off a burning down and building back up vibe which is felt throughout each track as it dances in and out of lush soundscapes to its final breath in the track Another Quiet Sunday(Keep Moving On) which is anything but quiet. The final lyrics of that track Smith sings “Keep Moving On” which I find to be the backbone of the whole album.


Standout tracks on the album are The Absent Sea which is drone and hypnotizing. The Fire is heavier and darker which is followed by When the Smoke Abates which feels like a rebirth or re-emergence from the smoke and ashes of what’s left of someone’s inner pain. Soak my Head and Your Melody are the most commercially friendly tracks on the album with the latter most likely to be used in an Apple Iphone commercial, which isn’t a slight. 


All in all Eternal Embers really hits the mark with a sense of maturity both lyrically and sonically. Some might critique that the album consists of tracks that sound all too similar, but with their certain sonic style I don’t find it uncommon. On some tracks like Within You, Within Me, I get a strong Young the Giant vibe with Smith’s vocals seemingly very reminiscent of lead singer Sameer Gadhia. 


Meltt is currently on tour making stops in NYC, on November 1st at Baby’s All Right and Boston, November 2nd at the Lilypad. The tour wraps up in Minneapolis on November 9th. Meltt was my “Hear Now” artist on Episode 8 of Spin This! w/Andrew Ross. Find them and other artists on my show exclusively on Soundwaves.