Roger Waters - The Wall
Roger Waters

Roger Waters, The Wall

By Ben Dalianis

My first thought…Where the hell am I? My second thought…This is something really special. From there, the rest of my experience was nothing short of amazing. 

What I will fail to describe adequately below is when I saw Roger Waters perform The Wall at one of America’s most iconic baseball fields, Fenway Park. It was July 1, 2012 and most definitely a perfect New England summer evening. The air was warm but not too hot and as the sun set the July humidity had eased to a comfortably numb level. The air had a certain electricity to it that you can only sense in the moment and the energy of those around us was palpable. 

Being extremely familiar with the Floyd universe and having seen the band perform at Foxboro stadium in 1994, I understood what was about to happen but expectation and reality both converged and divided that evening. The Wall itself stretched across the entire outfield and made the “Green Monster” look like its smaller younger brother. The acoustics, which are known to be difficult and “delay-ridden” at Fenway due to the unique design of the park, were amazing (huge props to the crew) and our seats in the 13th row put us squarely in the belly of the beast.

It’s difficult to put into words the special-ness of that night. I guess the best way to describe it is that I was lucky enough to witness one of the greatest, perform one of the greatest in an amazing location with one of the closest people to me in my life. Hard to beat that and will forever cherish that experience.

You can see the entire setlist for this show here.