surprise chef

Surprise Chef

We are happy to have Surprise Chef join us on the Guest Playlist Series here on Soundwaves. Check out these tracks that they have curated for you that inspired their career.

Melbourne, Australia’s five-piece band Surprise Chef released Education & Recreation back in October 2022, and we here at Soundwaves have had it on heavy rotation. All instrumental, the album is a vortex of funk, soul and jazz, evoking a 70’s film soundtrack, with a dash of surf vibe, peppered with a 90’s hip hop production groove.    

The arrangements are lively and keep you hooked. The kind of sound that invokes the thought “I bet this would be great live!” Well, you’re in luck. They’re on tour now, back in the US this June. We here in the Northeast are happy to welcome them to the Brighton Music Hall, in Boston, MA on June 14th. 
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Put them on at your next gathering and count how quickly someone says, “This is great, where did you find this?” Soundwaves, of course. Pick up the record here or your favorite local record store.