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The Electric Mix
with the Devil DJ

Join the Devil DJ from Boston as he takes you on a free-form ride through time playing tracks from his archive of guitar driven rock n’ roll. 


Latest Episode

U2, Lady With The Spinning Head

Metallica & The San Francisco Symphony, Enter Sandman April 21 1999 Berkeley Community Theatre

U2, Even Better Than The Real Thing September 23 1997 Kosovo Stadium

ZZ Top, Cheap Sunglasses Live

The Record Company, Life To Fix

Muse, Panic Station July 6 2013 Rome Olympic Stadium

Motley Crue, Kick Start My Heart

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, The Rising March 20 2023 Boston

The Killers, Bling September 18 2012 Bronx New York City

Lonely The Brave, Streets of Philadelphia Live at Angel Studios 2015

U2, Bad (Songs of Surrender Version)

On Demand

Anthony Gomes, Your Momma Wants To Do Me

Dire Straits, On Every Street Live Feijenoord Stadium The Netherlands May 1992

Coldplay, Clocks Live Hordern Pavilion Sydney Australia July 21 2003

Led Zeppelin, Whole Lotta Live Live Royal Albert Hall London England January 9 1970

Led Zeppelin, What Is And What Should Never Be Live Royal Albert Hall London England January 9 1970

Metallica, Enter Sandman Live Madison Square Garden New York City April 4 2009

Pearl Jam, You Tell Me/Evenflow, Live Metro Chicago March 28 1992

The Record Company, So What’cha Want

U2, Desire (Hollywood Remix)

Royal Blood, Loose Change (Studio)

David Gilmour, Run Like Hell, Pompeii Italy July 7 2016

Pearl Jam, Why Go, Philadelphia April 29 2016

David + David, Welcome To The Boomtown (studio)

Muse with The Edge, Where The Streets Have No Name, Glastonbury Music Festival June 26 2010

The Prodigy, Firestarter, Phoenix Festival Stratford-Upon-Avon UK July 18 1996

Robert Plant and The Strange Sensation, When The Levee Breaks, Studio 104 Paris France June 9 2005

Queen, Radio Ga Ga, Wembley Stadium London England July 12 1986

U2, Ultraviolet Light, Wembley Stadium London England August 15 2009

Van Halen, Won’t Get Fooled Again, Fresno California May 15 1992

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