The Record Company

The Record Company
The 4th Album

Jason Landry, contributor

In the Fall of 2015, this band was the opening act for a series of dates for Jonny Lang. I watched them play three nights in a row and was hooked. Soon thereafter, I interviewed their singer Chris Vos for HuffPost and have seen them play at least a half dozen times since—in clubs, at festivals, in concert halls, and even opening for John Mayer in an arena.

They had so much momentum going for them and then the worldwide pandemic happened. More recently, a lot of chatter has been written about the band getting dropped by their record label right before Christmas in 2022. Regardless, I’m not here to dwell on these sad facts. What I am here to tell you is I would have bought their new album, titled The 4th Album (Round Hill Records) no matter what because this band is solid, blends two genres of music creating a unique vibe all their own, and simply, I believe in them.

The Record Company is a tight, energized three-piece band out of Los Angeles. Marc, Alex and Chris write bluesy songs with a twinge of 70’s rock. This new album is raw and reminiscent of their 2016 GRAMMY nominated album Give It Back To You. It incorporates all the same ingredients of that first album—drums, bass, slide guitar, and harmonica—taking it straight back to their roots. Recorded in Alex’s living room, you can’t help but applaud it.

The songs are catchy, and always have a great forward moving beat to them. I gravitated toward the track, I’ve Found Heaven (In My Darkest Days). When you combine all the bands instruments and that harmonica kicks in, it’s like a freight train moving down a track. A number of other notable songs are Roll With It, which feels like a great summer anthem. It includes a lyric “Well, you made it once, can you do it again” hinting back to their early success and now having to build themselves back up. If this track doesn’t get you up dancing and clapping your hands, nothing will. Bad Light has the grooves and feels of an old Rolling Stones song from their Exile on Main Street days. And to close out the album, lead singer Chris Vos plays an old slide guitar while singing the lyrics “You Made A Mistake Quitting On Me”. It’s the best slap in the face back to their former record company without even having to mention it.

Keep your eyes open for tour dates and check them out in a town near you.