Working Men's Club

Working Men's Club Fear Fear

(Heavenly Recordings)

By Jason Landry

On first listen to the album Fear Fear by Working Men’s Club, I was transported back to the 80’s in the hey day of English New Wave music and the numerous videos that played on repeat on MTV. 

As I set the needle down on the pink vinyl, and from the very first track, you’re introduced to a newer generation of young, English musicians who have packaged their own electronic techno pulsating grooves and bouncy bass and synths into a cohesive movement—imagine if Nick Rhodes and Thomas Dolby were dropped into a studio with a festival DJ like deadmau5 or Steve Aoki.

The vocals are robotic-like and often sound as if they are being projected through a Police megaphone. Slick guitar lines compliment the synth-pop sounds, especially in the track Cut and the rhythmic beauty of Circumference feels like an anthem for today’s indie music lover. If I was a little younger, I’d want to be in a club as their song Heart Attack thumped through the speakers because all you want to do is move and sing the chorus over and over:


There’s a woman dressed in black / She’s a killer, she’s a heart attack.

Favorite Track: Widow